Mar. 27, 2015

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V2.90 is officially released.

  • Supports the transcoding acceleration of latest graphics cards.

Dec. 18, 2014

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V2.80 is officially released.

  • Added new profiles for iPad Air, iPhone 6, Samsung Note 4, etc.
  • Added the function of ripping 3D Blu-ray movies to the side-by-side format.
  • Added the auto-download module. Where there is a prompt for the new version, you can click on "Yes" to download the installation package automatically.
  • Added the red-dot prompt for the new profiles.
  • Added the support for H.264 4K format, and supports the H.264 4K TS profile.

Sep. 22, 2014

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V2.70 is officially released.

  • Supports latest Blu-ray movies.
  • Upgraded the transcoding engine, and improved the ripping speed.

Mar. 26, 2014

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V2.60 is officially released.

  • Optimized the function of converting to the 3GP format.
  • Supports latest Blu-ray movies.

Jan. 20, 2014

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V2.50 is officially released.

  • Upgraded the decryption module and supports latest Blu-ray movies.
  • Added the "MKV - Quickly rip" format, and increased the ripping speed.

Jun. 19, 2013

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V2.30 is officially released.

  • Supports more latest Blu-ray movies.
  • Optimized the running speed.

Mar. 20, 2013

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V2.20 is officially released.

  • Better supports for BD+ decryption.
  • Improved the function of audio tracks and subtitles.
  • Supports latest Blu-ray movies.

Jan. 24, 2013

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V2.10 is officially released.

  • Supports latest Blu-ray movies.
  • Optimized the support for BD+.

Oct. 19, 2012

Open Blu-ray ripper 2

Open Blu-ray ripper 2 is officially released.

  • Rips Blu-ray movies to more video and audio formats.
  • Supports more newly-developed media devices.
  • Converts 2D to 3D movies.
  • Trims your preferred clips from the video file.
  • Crops the unnecessary borders from the video screen.
  • Adds the image or text watermarks from the hard disk into the video file.
  • Supports the GPU acceleration function.
  • Supports batch conversion, which enables you to convert multiple chapters simultaneously.
  • Supports the subtitle conversion.
  • Added the Express and Expert interfaces which enable both new and professional users to operate Open Blu-ray ripper 2 more conveniently.

Apr. 19, 2011

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V1.81 is officially released.

  • Supports latest Blu-ray movies.
  • Supports formats compatible with latest mobile devices.

Oct. 23, 2010

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V1.70 is officially released.

  • Fixed the LPCM audio decoding problem.
  • Optimized the running speed.

Sep. 19, 2010

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V1.60 is officially released.

  • Enhanced the compatibility with Blu-ray audio.
  • Optimized the analyzing process for Blu-ray discs and shortened the analysis time.

Aug. 5, 2010

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V1.50 is officially released.

  • Enhanced the reading capability of Blu-ray discs.
  • Supports more Blu-ray movies.

July. 9, 2010

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V1.40 is officially released.

  • Enhanced the ability to analyze Blu-ray movie source files.
  • Fixed the bug that may lead to program termination.

Jun. 4, 2010

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V1.30 is officially released.

  • Enhanced HST™ function and solved the problem of HST integration in AVI, MKV and iPod.


Apr. 29, 2010

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V1.20 is officially released.

  • HST™ - largely increases the conversion speed, 800% faster than ever.


Dec. 16, 2009

Open Blu-ray ripper


Open Blu-ray ripper V1.10 is officially released.

  • Converts Blu-ray movies to various video and audio formats.
  • Decrypting Blu-ray discs
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful functions